100% Ethiopian


Roast Level
FormatBag, Single Serve
Tasting Notes

Famours for its floral aroma, this roast has delicate citrus and green tea notes.

Product BoxRIch, Full, Citrusy

Ethiopia is well known for its coffee – some even claim it’s the birthplace of the beloved beverage. Ethiopia is also one of the few places in the world you can still see it growing wild in the rolling hills and mountains, particularly in the Sidama region (our region of choice).
Ethiopians love coffee so much, they even perform a highly sophisticated coffee ceremony up to 3 times daily (using a traditional pot “jebena” and cup “sini”) as part of their social and cultural life. Kind of like the western version of the water cooler.
Our Ethiopian roast is famous for its potent floral aroma and delicate citrus and green tea notes. No compromise.
Ethiopia is the home of our first WaterWise initiative.  Please click the logo below to visit our site at www.waterwisecoffee.com for more information and to learn more about the relationship between water and coffee.